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Step 2: Read & Agree to the 2024 Terms and Conditions

Please be sure to read the 2024 Terms and Conditions in full.

on behalf of your brand

Below are the four key things you should know:

  1. Products cannot opt out once submitted. By submitting your product, you are providing full commitment to the programme and any fees that may apply if your product is voted a winner of Product of the Year
  2. The Entry fee for entering Product of the Year is R2 000,00 ex VAT. Should your product win this amount will be deducted off your winner's fee 
  3. If your product is voted a Product of the Year winner, your total cost will be R209 985,00 ex VAT.
  4. The entry form is an electronic contract. By clicking "submit" you’re signing the submission form on behalf of your brand. Which is legal and binding.

Consumers Vote. Sales Increase.