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What is Product of the Year?

Product of the Year is the largest consumer voted award for product innovation. Product of the Year was created to champion new product innovation and give shoppers a shortcut to the absolute best new products on the market. It is not only an internationally recognised award but a proven ROI tool.

How is Product of the Year different from other awards?

There are three key areas in which Product of the Year differs versus other award programs:

Product of the Year has been in operation for over 30 years. We work with innovation leaders such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Samsung, McCain and many more

Product of the Year has a globally expanding footprint that currently stands in over 40 countries. Each country operates under a similar goal: Guide consumers to the most innovative products on the market.

At its core, Product of the Year awards innovation through an independent survey of a wide range of consumers conducted by the research company.

What products qualify?

For the 2024 awards, we accept entries from NEW products launched after January 1st, 2020 and HERITAGE products that have been in the market for 10 years or more. Products must have national distribution and demonstrate meaningful consumer innovation in one of the following areas: function, design, packaging, ingredients. If you are not sure if your product qualifies, please reach out to us and we can help figure out if your product should be entering.

How do you define innovation?

We accept entries from products that demonstrate innovation in their function, design, packaging, or ingredients. This could be a completely new type of product or a useful innovation to an older product or brand, such as new ingredient, redesigned shape or size, new formula (eg. less sugar) or new packaging (eg., user-friendly or “green”). Remember, it does not have to be revolutionary but should help to make consumers’ lives better/easier. Please contact us directly if you have questions about your product.

How are the winners determined?

We partner with an independent research company to survey a nationally represented wide range of shoppers and consumers. The survey is designed to evaluate product innovation on several criteria, including product appeal, satisfaction, advocacy, purchase interest, uniqueness, relevance and excitement.

Can I enter more than one product?

Yes. There is no limit on how many products from one brand can be entered, however, they need to meet the criteria above.

When can I enter?

Product of the Year is open for 2024 entries.

What are the categories?

The general broad categories of product entries we accept include Food and Beverage, Health and Beauty, Personal Care, Household Products, Pet Supplies, Pharmaceuticals, Small Appliances, Electronics, and Services etc. The exact category names are determined by Product of the Year with the assistance of the research company after all entries are received. Because this is an award for innovation, the categories are often driven by innovation trends from the preceding year.

We work with the research company to make sure that only comparable products are in competition with each other and there are never less than 2 or more than 6 products in a category.

How much does it cost?

  • Entry to Product of the Year is R2 000 (ex VAT). Should you win this will be deducted off your winners fee
  • If consumers vote your product “Product of the Year”, there is a one-time winners fee of R209 985,00 (ex VAT) this allows you to promote the win, (eg: on packaging, etc.) and use our logo in any type of media for one full year. This fee also covers full inclusion in the national PR campaign

Can I opt out once I enter?

Products cannot opt out once entries are submitted. By submitting your product, you are providing full commitment to the programme and the winners fee of R209 985,00 (ex VAT) should your product be a winner of Product of the Year.

What are the benefits of winning?

Winners have found numerous ways to benefit from Product of the Year over the past 30 years, but here are a few of the key benefits we have observed:

All winners are guaranteed the following:

  • Inclusion in a nationwide PR campaign
  • A comprehensive research analysis from the research company survey over a wide range of consumers. This covers product performance across each measure including appeal, satisfaction, advocacy, purchase interest, uniqueness, relevance and excitement.
  • Most importantly, winners receive a one-year licensing term on unlimited usage of the Product of the Year logo on all marketing material which has a proven track record to lift sales

When was Product of the Year founded?

Product of the Year was founded in 1987 in France by former L’OREAL executive, Christian LeBret.

Does Product of the Year exist in other countries?

Product of the Year currently exists in over 40 countries, making its most recent debut in Turkey, Luxembourg, Kuwait, and Lebanon.

Who can I contact for additional information?

You may contact us with any questions at 011 783 5887.

For any queries regarding sponsorships, joint ventures or media enquiries, you can contact Edith Venter at edith@poysa.co.za

With general enquiries and information on how to enter, contact Andrew Hare at andrew@poysa.co.za

Consumers Vote. Sales Increase.

Consumers Vote. Sales Increase.