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Winners 2013
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    Awards Night 2013

    The prestigious Product of the Year Awards Ceremony was recently held in Johannesburg – and what an extravagant affair it turned out to be!  This lavish event took place at the new Maslow Hotel in the heart of Jozi’s northern suburbs and provided us with the opportunity to hob knob with the who’s who of the marketing world while enjoying good food, good wine and great live entertainment. A host of talented local bands set the mood that evening, and we were also treated to the (rather unique) comedic genius of the one and only John Vlismas.  After having a good chuckle (perhaps helped along by the presence of Bacchus, the Greek god of wine), it was down to business, with the lovely Google South Africa spokespeople providing an enlightening insight into the world of marketing. The cuisine almost justifies a post on its own, with an absolutely stellar menu comprising everything from mouth-watering canapés to sinfully decadent deserts entertaining our taste buds and doing our waistlines a disservice!  The wide range of culinary delights was perfectly suited for this event which is sure to resound in the memories of all present as a stylish – albeit laid back – affair. The main event was, of course, the prize giving ceremony during which the coveted Product of the Year Award was given to products which stood out in their respective categories.  It was indeed a privilege to see exceptional brands receive acknowledgement for creating superior products. The night ended quite literally in fireworks with spectacular displays of pyrotechnic wizardry illuminating the Jo’burg night sky while the masterful DJ Fresh provided the soundtrack. All in all, it was an evening marked by quality; everything , from the beaming hostesses who greeted guests on arrival at the venue, to the surprise presence of an exotic Italian sports car, spoke of an event that was well-planned and superbly orchestrated.

    Dr. Robert Rey visited the Product of the Year offices

    World renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and entrepreneur Dr. Robert Rey (Dr. 90210) visited the Product of the Year offices and entered his new range of skincare products into the PoY 2012 process! [caption id="attachment_809" align="aligncenter" width="720" caption="Dr. Rey shows victory sign for the PoY process."]Dr. Rey shows victory sign for the PoY process.[/caption] Dr. Rey has seen that Product of the Year is not just a prestigious award but also champions the rights of consumers to get the best new products while delivering an ROI for companies. More great news is that in September Product of the Year-South Africa will also be working with 3 starred Michelin Chef & celebrity Gordon Ramsay at the Good Food & Wine Show to review some great new food innovation in the market.

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    • Colin Watts, Walgreens

      “By giving shoppers the confidence to try a product for the first time, the Product of the Year stamp makes their life easier and helps both brands and retailers”

      Colin Watts, Chief Innovation Officer, Walgreens (2010 Jury Chair)
    • Ed Uebele, Marketing Director, MARS Petcare

      "The POY seal has significantly helped us increase distribution"

      Ed Uebele, Marketing Director, MARS Petcare (2010 US Winner)
    • Associate Brand Manager, MARS Petcare

      "In the first 3-6 months after winning POY we got 40 Million media impressions and got Target to carry a third SKU of the product"

      Associate Brand Manager, MARS Petcare (2010 US Winner)

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